Advanced Commercial Enterprises provides a wide range of energy services designed to help you get the most out of your solar resources — from installing a complete solar power system to optimizing your home’s energy efficiency. We understand that planning and purchasing a solar power system is a daunting task, which is why we offer consultation from feasibility studies to finished design. connects people to solar energy professionals.

A Leader in Grid–Tied Solar Power Systems
Advanced Commercial Enterprises offers turnkey, grid–tied solar power systems for commercial,
residential and public sector applications. A reliable company with 25 years of experience, we
have a portfolio of over 200 solar photovoltaic projects.
Our Services

Advanced Commercial Enterprise provides a complete line of services to our customers:
• Education
• Design
• Engineering
• Permitting
• Installation
• Interconnection administration
• Facilitation of final building department and utility inspections
• Follow up with post–installation monitoring and warranty service
All administrative services involving government incentives, utility interconnection and building
department permitting are included in the sale and installation process. We bill you at the post-
rebate contract amount, effectively financing part of your system until the rebate is issued by the

Solar Components
The major components of a grid–connected solar power system include solar modules and inverters.
The solar modules produce DC electricity and the inverters and transformers convert the DC to AC
electricity, which can be used onsite or fed to the utility grid, spinning the meter backwards and
crediting your utility account. Almost all of your home appliances run on AC electricity.
Advanced Commercial Enterprises has a unique affiliation with most solar panel and inverter
manufacturers so we can offer all products available at the best price. We have direct accounts and
dealer partnerships set up with all of the leading equipment manufacturers.
Buying & Selling Power
By signing an Interconnection Agreement with the utility company, you are able to trade power with the
utility at retail rates. The process of trading power with the utilities is called Net Metering. Net Metering
allows you to be credited at the same rate that you would otherwise be charged.
Annual Bill
At the end of the annual billing cycle, you are responsible for paying the difference between what you
used and what you produced. Solar power systems produce most of their electricity during times of
peak demand when electricity rates are highest, which means that you will often feed power into the grid
at peak times and pull power from the grid during off peak times. This allows many customers to zero
out their bills even if they are not producing as much energy as they are using.