We believe our first responsibility is to our customer, without whom our business would not exist.
We must provide our customers with the highest level of customer service in the industry, 
before and after the sale.
Our service must be prompt, accurate and courteous.
We must offer the best quality products available in the market place, at the very best prices.

Our second responsibility is to all those who work with us.
Each person must have a sense of security in their career.
Wages must be fair and profits shared.
 All A.C.E. personnel, including management, should share a sense of
Mutual respect, and value the opinions and ideas of each other.

Our third and last responsibility is to the world in which we live.
We must be good citizens, support good works and charity.
We must be good stewards of the environment in which we live,
 promoting and utilizing nature’s clean abundant energy is essential in order to 
 provide a healthy environment for future generations.

We are determined, with the help of God’s grace, to fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability.

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