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March 1st 2009
PG&E quietly pushed rates up an average of 7%. This being the 4th such rate hike in the last 12 months PG&E rates
MID, TID facing tough rules & growing fuel costs. More rate hikes for MID and TID customers?
Read about it at:
MID, TID facing
tough rules &
growing fuel costs.

Advanced Commercial Enterprises, is a full
service  electrical  contractor that  has been doing
business  in  central  California  fo r over 15 years.
Ever  growing   with  the  surrounding  community,
we  have  developed  an  experienced  staff,  with
over  40  years  of   combined  experience  in  the
electrical industry.  A.C.E.  also  has a renewable
energy  division,  specializing in solar energy and
wind energy. We have brought on staff a team of
experienced  and  qualified  technicians  to  meet
the  demands  of  todaya?s   and  future   emerging
technological advancements in our marketplace. connects people to solar energy professionals.

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